Small projects in Shaddadi with Funded of self-management

After the liberation of Shaddadi town from Daesh, the self-administration started funding a large number of small projects through its institutions that were activated after liberation, in order to serve the people and provide them with jobs according to their specialization.

Among these projects was Tailoring of shahid Roqaya al-Salh, which was funded by Al-Kubaratif Foundation (charitable societies) and was attended by a number of young people working in the field of sewing according to the stock system.

Omar Al Taraf, one of the young people who contributed to the project and his staff, said: “I and the rest of people who contributed to the project did not have money capacity to open our own sewing shops. After hearing the self- management help projects we went to the Kubarativ Committee in Shadadi City and put them on the project. The location and all the necessary equipment and the opening of Tailoring, and it was agreed to pay the cost of the project in installments taken from the profits of the project, where the operator contains 4 sewing machines and all the remaining supplies, and we are working on the details and tailoring and shortening all the needs of the Military and civilians.

Al Taraf thanked the Syrian democratic forces for their liberation of the city and its countryside and for self-management to provide them with the opportunity to work.

SDF,Media center


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