Statement of civil administration in Tabqa in solidarity day with Afrin

The Democratic Civil Administration at Tabqa Region issued a statement on the occasion of the International Day of Solidarity with Afrin.

Hind AL-Ali the Joint Chief Executive of the Executive Council of the Democratic Civil Administration of Tabqa made the statement:

On the occasion of the International Day of Solidarity with Afrin, we condemn and condemn the Turkish occupation of Afrin in particular and the Syrian territories in general. Afrin has been a haven for thousands of Syrians from all communities since the crisis broke out

The Syrian state has occupied areas of Syria, including Afrin, which has resisted the steadfastness of its heroes for 58 days, using all kinds of modern weapons and aviation, They carried out a lot of looting, rape and demographic change.

Therefore, in the name of the people of our region in all its components, we call on the international coalition and friendly countries that love freedom and democracy to shoulder their responsibilities towards the situation in Afrin and to intensify the pressure on the Turkish government to get out of Afrin and its surroundings and return it to its people.

We must concentrate all efforts to liberate areas in the Syrian north and to end the fears that have shaped the direction of our Syrian people through the occupation of Afrin

Power to Syria and the Syrians

 Shame on the occupied Turkish regime

 And the mercy of the martyrs of the era in Afrin

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