Students in Tabqa city begin their second semester exams

Yesterday morning, the second semester exams started in the schools of Tabqa city and its countryside, which will last until 24/5/2018

Some 50,000 students take part in 189 schools that are eligible for examinations and are supervised by nearly 1,700 teachers in Tabqa and its countryside.

Jumaa Al Hassan, member of the General Administration of Schools in the Education Committee of Tabqa , assured us that the Education Committee started supervising the exams, where the exams were organized in two parts as follows:

From Grade 1 to Grade 4, the exam is a test for the students’ level

Grade 5 to Grade 8 includes a test and a measure of pupils’ abilities

Al Hassan pointed out that the Education Committee has prepared all the necessary equipment to conduct the examination process in the best manner, and provide what is necessary to provide an ideal atmosphere to provide students with their exams in the best way.

The students expressed their happiness at the exams and the approaching summer vacation.

Al-Hassan noted that the Education Committee will organize training and rehabilitation courses for teachers during the summer vacation.

SDF,Media center

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