Syrian Democratic Forces arrest the most dangerous ISIS Europeans terrorrists

After conducting investigations and follow-up, special units of the Military Intelligence، that belong to Syrian Democratic Forces ( SDF) carried out a special operation on Saturday, 19 May 2018, led to arressting a group of ISIS terrorrists that was headed by Adrian Lionel Kayali whose nickname is Abu Osama, he has been arrested with his wife. The trrorrist Abu Osama is considered one of the most dangerous terrorrists in ISIS ranks and had a role in launching the terrorrist attacks that hit paris in November 2015, and also took apart in the attacks that hit Niece city in 14 July, 2016 .

Adrian Kayali / Abu Osama is from French origin, was born in 1983, and converted to Musilim reliegen in 2003, and was influnced by jihdist idologey, he was arrested in France in 2010 on charges of belonging to terrorist organizations and later was released, then he joined ISIS ranks and crossed to Syria on th 6 of March, 2015 through Tel Ebyad border gate which was considered the official border between Turkey and ISIS.

After the terrorists had lost many cities including Reqqeh province where Abu ossama was hidden there looking for a way to escape into Turkey, then Europ, our forces was able to arrest him.

SDF press center
24 May 2018

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