Syrian Democratic Youth Council holds a preparatory meeting for the formation of a tournament that includes all areas of the north of Syria

At the invitation of the Syrian Democratic Youth Council, a consultative meeting was held at the meeting room of the Syrian Democratic Council , which included sporting bodies, sport federations and offices from different regions of northern Syria such as Manbaj, Al-Jazeera, Kubani, Raqqa, Tabqa and Tal Abyad in order to discuss the mechanism of forming a sports league comprising all northern Syrian regions.

The meeting began to stand a minute of silence on the lives of shahid  and then welcomed the joint president of the Syrian Youth Council Yusuf al-Khaliliw the audience and said:

We meet today in this place to hear from you athletes, and to learn from you and your previous experiences, and we hope to reach a common mechanism through which we determine the establishment of a sports league for football in the first stage brings together all the clubs in the north of Syria and all its components and spectra

Al-Khaliliw add  : After Syrian Democracy Council proved itself to be the founder of administrative bodies in northern Syria, and as the Youth Council of Syria proved itself as the organizer of young people’s energies in the north of Syria, the Council had to give great importance to sports and athletes. That is why we will invite this meeting to form a sports tournament that includes all regions , And to redraw the smile on the face of the people in general and on the faces of athletes in particular, after they suffered from the persecution of the Daesh.

Several sports delegations participated in the discussions and talked about the importance of equipping the stadiums as a first step, and then determining the identity of the teams that will participate in this league and how they choose and the mechanism of supporting clubs.

SDF,Media center


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