Tabqa’s people are preparing to receive Ramadan month

People in Tabqa city and its villages are preparing to receive the month of Ramadan, and from the habits of this month, the markets are witnessing an active movement, noting the overcrowding, especially in the markets of vegetables and shops that sell food items, and markets Tabqa as all markets in the region, where people flock to markets to provide Food, and others.

Ramadan visit Tabqa city this year in a different situation from last year, where the city was under the rule of Daesh, which imposed a lot of royalties on people and arguments is not clear to the physical condition of people, especially during the month of Ramadan.

Osama al-Ali, one of the sons of Tabqa city, reminded us of the situation of the city last year and how Ramadan was a harsh month for people because of the criminal organization ,and he said “We felt like we were in a big prison in Tabqa city and in Ramadan, the organization was forcing shops to pay money under the pretext of alms for the poor, under the shadow of the Muslim Brotherhood. The acute shortage of markets in that period, but now the situation is completely different, we can now feel the month of Ramadan and we are completely safe”.

Nawras Ahmad, who is also a member of Tabqa, wished this month that peace and good will prevail over all Syrians and that expatriates would return to their country, especially after they were liberated and became safe and secure.

And  about the habits of Ramadan added: We meet in the month of Ramadan with relatives, and we are campaigning to provide meals for breakfast in the public squares and streets for travelers and this ritual raised and we hope to return to it in this holy month.

SDF,Media center

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