The Academy of Syrian Women’s Council in Tabqa  graduated its third session

On Wednesday, the Academy of the Syrian Women Council in Tabqa held its third session in the name of shahed  Roujben Arab. The course included 25 trainees from various administrative institutions and lasted for 25 days.

The trainees received lectures and intellectual and ideological lectures about the importance of planning, organization, international federations, self-criticism and the history of women from the earliest ages to the current stage, their role in societies and their suffering and the importance of giving women their rights and activating them in society and achieving equality.

The graduation ceremony began with a minute of silence on the souls of shahed, followed by a welcome to the guests.

Sulayn Hassan, administrative director of the Syrian Democratic Council, congratulated the female trainees for graduating. She noted that women are currently living at the height of their development,  and contributed many administrative positions to reach the highest positions in terms of joint presidency, Women must be aware and educated in order to be a successful leader and seek the development of their society.

Bushra Khatab administrative and teacher  in the Academy said:”We have now graduated from the third course and will not be the last. We will continue to open courses for women in order to know their rights and deal with those who are trying to abuse them,” She pointed out that the trainees are very much involved with lectures and activities and I hope that they will apply what they have learned in the working life.

 Fatima Al-Rahil One of the trainees: I benefited greatly from my presence in the Academy.

The worn habits that were rooted in my brain were broken as a result of masculine fear and mentality, but now I knew my rights and alone and knew how to use them in the right way.


SDF,Media center

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