HomedialogueThe commercial market is ready to receive Ramadan month  

The commercial market is ready to receive Ramadan month  

A few days and we receive the holy month of Ramadan, which is unique to Muslims in terms of the worship they perform, and also in terms of the types of food they offer on the breakfast and Suhoor.

As in other markets,AL- Shaddadi market is preparing to receive this holy month, which is likely to increase the demand for all the kitchen supplies of meat, vegetables and other foodstuffs.

Where Ahmed Owaid owner of a wholesale shops that, despite the difficult living conditions suffered by people as a result of the siege and wars circle, but they are accustomed to the atmosphere especially for the month of Ramadan, where we note the turnout to buy all food supplies, especially dates.

Many shoppers, including Abdul Razzaq Maayouf, considered that the prices of materials in general, and especially vegetables, are somewhat acceptable compared to the situation in which the country is going through.

Mohammed al-Husain, the owner of a meat shop, stressed the issue of hygiene and halal meat. He expects to sell 6 or 7 sheep a day during the month of Ramadan while selling lamb in normal days.

It is worth mentioning that Al Shaddadi market has all the requirements and needs despite the high price of some of them compared to per capita income.

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