The Communications committee in Raqqa

The crises that have taken place in Raqqa city over the past seven years have exposed the city to ruin from all sides. It has become a battleground for all its sides, including the organization of the terrorist who caused destruction in the city through its cultivation of mines, explosions, which destroyed not only the infrastructure, He destroyed the power stations, telecommunications and all the networks in the city.

The committee of power and communications in Raqqa civil council workers to rehabilitation the electric station and all wires out of work in the city and countryside. Engineer Shergo Kjo management of power and communications in Raqqa civilian council said :At beginning we formed the  structure of power and communications committee, we worked on switching stations and high tension lines 66\230 . We started rehabilitation line 66 in a Tal Abyad station to Bir al-Hashim station,line 66 from AL-Frosya to Bir al-Hashim station and from AL-Frosya to Raqqa 2.

Kjo in his talk referred to that the main station become at the service  in AL-Frosya since 20 days to feed up the pumping and irrigation stations, We have carried out all these works and achievements with simple local experiences, and with modest capabilities all the substations have been equipped.

SDF,Media center

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