The Department of Supplying of Tabqa tightens the supervision of the markets during the month of Ramadan

On the occasion of the advent of the month of Ramadan, some weak souls trying to exploit citizens through price manipulation and fraud, and by the officer Supply to tighten controls on the market in order to prevent fraud and manipulation.

Nasr Al-Ahmad, the joint chairman of the Health and Supply Committee in Tabqa city told us about the nature of work in the department and said: The functions of the Office of Health and Supply control of markets and shops in terms of prices and cleanliness of restaurants, and follow the slaughter of meat and the need to slaughter inside the slaughterhouse, We have circulated a circular from the Department of bakeries and Mills to the necessity of pricing the bread package at 175 SP, and one kilogram weight and those who violate the instructions expose themselves to legal accountability.

And the control of pastry shops. In Ramadan, the pastry industry and the health officer followed up on this subject. We provided several licenses for shops, cafes, ice laboratories, the necessity of water sterilization and detergent.

As we roamed the markets, we controlled a number of expired items (baby milk, potatoes, biscuits, rest, and five lean meat), where they were destroyed and the violators were referred to the court.

And we receive complaints from citizens and continue our work in full swing until the hour of breakfast in order to prevent manipulation of prices and fraud.

SDF,Media center


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