The Health Committee of the Civil Council continues to provide its services

Within the framework of the local councils and committees of Raqqa civil Council, the Health committee continues to carry out its work to the fullest extent of vaccination campaigns and the organization of pharmacies and the opening of medical points in Raqqa and rural areas and the conclusion of agreements with humanitarian organizations.

Where the joint chairman of  health committee in Raqqa civil council Ahmed Ismail said: since the establishment of Raqqa and since the formation of the health committee, we began to form and activate medical points, including the council and in coordination with international organizations and also we gave licenses to pharmacies in Raqqa, with 146 pharmacies. We also gave licenses to the private hospitals in Raqqa. They have four hospitals, two in the city and two in the countryside, and we are also preparing for another hospital license in the near future.

Ismail continued : Since the beginning of our ­­­­work we have carried out five campaigns of polio vaccine in Raqqa and its countryside and ended a campaign of days ago, a campaign against polio and measles, which began on the 22nd of last month, the first such campaign since 2015.

The number of children vaccinated against paralysis With oral vaccination of 172000 children, while the vaccine by intramuscular reached the number of vaccinated 7215 children, while vaccinators against measles reached 63289 in the city areas only.

Ismail added”Since the beginning of this month, we have started a general vaccination campaign in all our 18 centers, where all kinds of vaccines, including leishmania, are the first time we have been carrying out a leishmaniasis vaccine.

Ismail said at the end of his speech: “As for the future plans, which are the most important, we are signing a memorandum of understanding between us and MSF to rehabilitate the northern wing of the national hospital and also signed an agreement of understanding with the Kurdish Red Crescent to open a surgical hospital in the place of the school of nursing previously and we also work on the activation of five other medical points, two south of the river and one in the eastern region (Raqqa Samra) and in Hamra ,Nasser and the Mzraat AL-Jal­­­­­­­aa Qubash.

SDF, Media center

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