The month of Ramadan knocks the doors of the camp and the eyes of its inhabitants beg the organizations

With the return of life to Raqqa, and the return of many residents of Ain Issa camp to their city and homes, but the camp is still embracing thousands in the tent, and from most of the Syrian provinces, especially Raqqa and Deir Al-Zour.

As the month of Ramadan approaches, the humanitarian situation is worsening in the camp, in light of the apparent inability of humanitarian organizations to correct the humanitarian situation. The camp kitchen, which provided main meals for camp residents, has been closed for almost three months and remains closed to those in need. its assistance on blankets and clothing.

Jalal Ayaf, the joint head of Ain Issa refugee camp, said that the situation in the camp has become very difficult because the required support is not being properly provided, and that all the organizations are shy in their support and that all residents of the camp are looking to work abroad to meet their daily needs.

Dozens of humanitarian organizations have been granted permits to work in Raqqa and its villages, which initially began working on relief from the areas liberated by SDF, and then receded to provide some supplies to the residents of Ain Issa camp, which has become virtually invisible to any humanitarian organization My grandfather to block people who sacrificed their homes and their children in order to get rid of the organization of the world’s worst criminals.

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