the people Municipality in Ain Issa begins the campaign of spraying houses with insecticides against Lishmania

With the arrival of summer and its bitter heat, which cause the spread of leishmania in the countryside of Raqqa, the municipality of the people in Ain Issa decided to launch a campaign of insecticides to prevent diseases spread by insects, especially leishmania.

The campaign started on 13/5/2018 and will end 19/5/2018 and will include all houses in the town. The campaign consists of a crew of 8 volunteers working in spraying houses and places of sand fly.

Ali Al-Hamad, supervisor of the campaign said: The campaign targets harmful insects such as scorpions, spiders and flies of all kinds, especially sand fly known as Aleppo grain, which causes leishmaniasis.

Leishmania is a parasitic disease transmitted by the sand fly pinch, a small insect that is only one third the size of the normal mosquito. It is a yellow color, moves a jump, increases activity at night, and does not make a sound. The sand fly can transfer the parasite of the leishmania by sucking it into the blood of the infected person (human or animal) by laying its eggs in the place of the pinch. The egg then develops to hatch and then feeds on the cells inside the pinch area in the victim’s body to develop in After a scar does not disappear Over time, the disease spreads in agricultural and rural areas.

It is worth mentioning that the campaign targets all insects, including scorpions and other harmful insects also targeted snakes and small reptiles that spread in homes due to the effectiveness of the pesticide and strength.

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