The Public Relations Office meets with the heads of the communes and a number of residents in the district of Mashlab

A meeting was held today between the public relations office of the Syrian Democratic Forces and the heads of the communes and a number of residents in the Mashlab neighborhood to discuss the service and security situation of the neighborhood, the circumstances in which Raqqa is going through and to find solutions to it and discuss the political situation of northern Syria in particular and the Middle East in general. He explained the policy of SDF for the people and the heads of the communes.

Jia Qamishli head of the Public Relations Office in Raqqa said “That the situation in the region is not easy and what we have been witnessing developments since the liberation of Raqqa, They said they would liberate it six years later and we said we would free it in one year. We did so in less than a year because we were one hand because we were a model of living together away from the dictatorial authoritarian mentality applied by the Baathist regime and the Daesh terror and the Euphrates shield supported by Ottoman terrorism.

Jia continued by saying:”We are the Syrian democratic forces, the sons of this people, and we decided to fight terrorism and protect ourselves and our homeland, and you also organized yourselves and your affairs. You, the people of Mashbal and the heads of the communes in particular, are the front of the people and you should inform the people of our reality as it is on the ground.

“I hope you will beware of anyone who tries to sow strife between us with his lies, his shady rumors, and not be dragged behind those who sold themselves to the Baathist regime, which caused corruption in the streets,” he concluded.

The meeting ended with a discussion and study of the social situation and means of solving it, and introducing some service problems, finding appropriate solutions and how to implement them on the ground.

SDF, Media center


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