The Public Relations Office visits sheiks and dignitaries of Tabqa clans

In response to the request of the elders and dignitaries of the towns of Tabqa city and its villages, the Public Relations Office of the Syrian Democratic Forces visited the village of Abu chobiya in Tabqa city in the house of one of the elders of the Al-Fadan clan and the meeting with the sheikhs and dignitaries of the region to discuss the security , political there and the ways to find solutions for some, Problems facing parents.

The meeting was attended by a large number of sheiks and dignitaries of the clans of Tabqa and its countryside and the sheikhs of the clans of Manbaj and some of the dignitaries of Deir al-Zour / Al Bukamal/.

The dialogue between the Relations Office and clan sheikhs on how to coordinate between the Office of Relations and civil parties to solve the problems of civilians from the military and service.

The leader of the Office of Relations, Omid Kobbar, confirmed that the Office is trying with all its might to resolve the differences between the civilians and the competent authorities,and also touched on the situation of the military campaign announced by the Syrian Democratic Forces in Deir Al-Zour to end the presence of an advocacy organization in Deir al-Zour.

Omid also mentioned a friendly relationship between Daesh with the Russian, Iranian and Turkish coalition, which was embodied in the recent attack by the regime and its Iranian militia on Syrian democratic forces and coincided with the start of the military campaign by the Syrian Democratic Forces on Daesh.

In his speech, Omid pointed to the entry of the first aid trucks by the United Nations to the eastern region of northern Syria in coordination with representatives of self-management. He stressed the need to establish relations with some Arab countries and coordinate among them on issues such as combating terrorism and reconstruction of Raqqa city,and pointed on  the role of Arab sheikhs in this march.


SDF, Media center


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