The Women’s Council in Tabqa solved 700 cases in less than a year

Over the past years, women have suffered from many injustices, persecution and deprivation of their freedom and rights, thus marginalizing their role in building society.

But this situation has changed with the change in the Syrian north, where women have returned to take their real role in society, and the formation of women’s councils in the north of Syria to activate this role.

Douha AL-Khalil The administrative delegation in Women Council talked about the role of the Council of Women in Society:

ALKhalil referred to the most important work carried out by the Council, including: the resolution of more than 700 cases in the Peace Commission in the Council at the rate of 70 each month and most of these issues are controversial issues between women and their spouses about family problems and disagreement about children, and all were resolved without recourse to the courts.

The opening of seven women’s councils in the countryside of Tabqa, namely the Council of Hnida, Alsafsa, Mansoura, Sweida, Ja’bar, Mahmudli and Jurania aimed at solving the problems of women in the areas in which they are located.

Opening of a sewing workshop in western Jabber.

Organizing cleaning campaigns within Tabqa and its countryside.

Organizing intellectual and educational seminars on the role of women in the class and rural areas, and correcting the misguided thought of some women about their freedom and mixing women’s freedom and duty.

Training on academic work through participation and training in the intellectual academy for women in Tabqa.

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