The work of the discipline office in Ain Issa

The military discipline office in Ain Issa town coordinates with the courts of East Euphrates in Raqqa, Manbaj and Kobani in order to put the balance of justice and safety.

In an interview with Jody Osman, head of the discipline office of Syrian Democratic Forces, he briefed us on the mechanism of action and how to deal with the complaints received.

Judy Osman: The citizen lodges a complaint with the Justice Bureau of  Syrian Democratic Forces, which turns it to internal security forces. If the complaint is against a citizen who turns into the prosecutor’s office and then the court, then if it belongs to the military,.

Al-Othman added: If the appeal is appealed, we will pursue the case and coordinate with the other offices, so that the right belongs to its owner, whether the citizen is civilian or military

Al-Othman said: “We in Ain Issa establish the Military Court, which contains a military prosecution, military prison and military police, and we rely on the Military Penal Code.

Al-Othman said: The most complaints of fraud and theft took place during the displacement of the people and fled from the oppression of the oppressor, and we have returned many of the property to owners such as cars and houses.

Al-Othman concluded by saying: “No matter how corrupt the rank is, it is punishable after the evidence and witnesses prove it. There is no one above the law, and I send a message to al-Asaker to behave ethically and help the citizens.

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