Two water purification and desalination Stations in Shaddadi 

In Shaddadi and it’s countryside we called underground water by the salty water ,because of the high level of the salt in it and it cannot be drink .People suffered from this problem long the past years, and They bought drinking water at high prices from mobile tankers.

After the liberation of the city from terrorism by the efforts of SDF, self-administration through the central municipality was able to find an appropriate solution to this problem, namely, the rehabilitation of the two existing desalination Stations that were out of service due to terrorist acts.

Sayed AL-Ayed, a specialist artist at both stations, spoke to us “The desalination process is carried out in several stages. Salt water is first placed in large filters to filter the water and then transported by pump to the pipes. After being subjected to high pressure, it is transferred to the so-called membranes, Water is separated from the remaining impurities, and in the final stage, drinking water is transferred to large reservoirs, including on tanks where they are distributed.

He added that the water is distributed to all the points and military academies located in the area of Shaddadi and its countryside through large tanks.

Within the city distributed to the institutions and offices through small tanks, and was allocated 3 small tanks to distribute water to the people on a daily basis for a simple and worth 2 pounds per liter.

AL-Ayed thanked the self-management, which provides the materials necessary for the work of these Stations of materials to prevent deposition and chlorine acid and others.

It is worth mentioning that the two stations are liquidating about 250 barrels per hour.

SDF, Media center

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