Watchful eye to protect borders

After the liberation of Tabqa city from Daesh, our forces continue to be stationed on the border to protect the region from any danger or forces that are trying to attack our region. Today inTabqa city our forces stand to protect the border and protect the border fighters from shahed  battalion Bakr Kubani.

Redor Faraj, responsible of the Border Protection Point, said: “We try our best to protect our country and our people, as well as to repel any attack in which the aggressor tries to violate our freedom.

Baran Tabqa is a fighter for protecting the border. He said: I participated in the campaigns of liberating Raqqa and Tabqa. I am currently contributing to the protection of the borders and I am prepared to do my utmost to protect our homeland from any aggression that tries to intervene.

Tkushin Azad said: I came from the province of Hama two years ago to join with Syrian Democratic forces to Faith their goals and cause to build a democratic country, where the freedom of women and brotherhood of peoples, participated in the campaign of liberation Raqqa and currently contribute to the protection of the border after education on the Dushka weapons in military academies.


SDF,Media center

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