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Women ‘s House .. Massive efforts in Ain Issa camp

The Women’s House in Ain Issa opened to support women who are oppressed and to stand up to the masculine mentality that imposes itself on women. It has solved many problems and played an effective role in preserving society and social relations.

And to consolidate the work and to identify the problems of women wherever they are, the Women’s House opened an office in Ain Issa camp to keep up with the daily life of women there, and to stand in their problems and resolve it.

And the meeting we held with Khawla Hamad Hamidi, a member of the Women’s House in Ain Issa camp, talked about the mechanism of the Women’s House in the camp:” We have conducted special sessions for women in the camp in sewing, beautification and weaving to educate women and to use their energies, and we perform a burial ceremony for women who have no breadwinner Through fundraising, we provide widows’ homes and care for children under the auspices of Save the Children, and we follow daily and frequently the issues of divorce and reconciliation”.

Hamidi added”When we set women outside the camp, we put conditions on employers, including insurance for their salaries and not to prolong working hours. Last month we set 90 women.

Al-Humaidi stressed that they will establish a special office for women’s discipline that will deal with women who carry out actions that undermine public security to reduce problems.

Al-Humaidi concluded her speech by thanking all those who contribute to the assistance of women and appealed to the international community to stand at the limits of its responsibilities in preserving the rights of women as the first pillar in building a healthy society.

SDF,Media center

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