Zilan Kubani: A 45 – years old-in  military suit

Zilan Kobani, a 45-year-old newly joined military force, told us why she joined the Syrian Democratic Forces. “Before I chose the military field, I was a housewife and nurse for 14 years in Al-Resala Hospital, and throughout that period I could spend my children’s education, But Daesh corruption in Raqqa, which forced us to leave,but the democratic society has opened the doors for us as women to play our role in life. As a result, I have been employed many times in the People’s House, the Health Committee and the Cominians.

Zilan added: I received lessons in the Academy of shahed  Avista Khabor, and then I was appointed in the local councils to return to my work, and was affected by the wars, especially the attacks launched by the Turkish aggression and occupation of Syrian cities under various pretexts.

Zilan stressed that the issue of women is one of the most important issues on which the democratic society has stood in northern Syria, and that the freedom of women means freedom of thought and will.

In conclosion she said that “A woman must recognize herself first, and do not set age as a measure of her abilities women are capable of giving until the last quarter of their lives”. She  want to see their children at a training course so that they can defend their land. .

 SDF,Media center


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