15 soldiers and mercenaries killed in Afrin


Within the scope of the second phase of the resistance of the Age against the Turkish occupation in Afrin, our units carried out a series of military operations against the invasion forces and its mercenaries in the vicinity of Afrin’s Sherawa district and city center, killing at least 15 Turkish soldiers and mercenaries.

On June 13th, our units targeted a military vehicle belonging to the terrorists of Firqat al-Hamzah on the road between the villages of Qimara and Barada. The operation resulted in the death of three terrorists and destruction of the vehicle. Those who were killed have been identified as Mustapha Al Abdullah from Aleppo, Mohammed Khalid Al Mahmoud from Jabal Al Zawia, Ahmed Abu Jarrah. In the morning of the same day, our forces again targeted a military vehicle belonging to the Turkish invasion forces in village of Khaltah, Afrin city center. Another armored vehicle with a number of soldiers who tried to intervene to rescue the deads following the operation in the city center was also hit by our unit. As a result of the operations in the vicinity of the village of Khalidiyyah at least 12 terrorists including a Turkish soldier were killed, two military vehicles were destroyed. The number of mercenaries and Turkish soldiers killed by our units during the resistance has risen to 2479 YPG Press Office | June 15th, 2018

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