A glance about the life of a fighter

The fighter Farhad Sheikh Dawei, born in Ras Al Ain, left school and abandoned his dream becoming a lawyer. He joined the People’s Revolution more than five years ago.

Farhad Sheikh Dawei talked to us, saying:After the terrorist attack Nusra on my city Ras al-Ain and after seeing with their eyes their brutal crime, which not even handed over to the stones of houses, I and a number of my friends decided to join the forces were defending the city(People’s protection units), and we were able to liberate the city from hands of these criminals,, and when we noticed that the goal of these forces is to liberate all areas and save people there, we preferred to continue until the liberation of the entire north of Syria.

Shaykh Dawei completed : I participated in many campaigns including: Tal Tamer, Hasakah, Al-Shadadi, Raqqa and Deir Al-Zour, during which we fought many difficult battles and presented many martyrs heroes who shed their pure blood in the homeland. , and we won all of them and liberated all the areas .

Sheikh Dawei concluded his speech that peace would prevail in all regions “A peaceful, modern peace has been achieved in all regions and our people will live in the shadow of the democratic free nation that Syria’s democratic forces are working to achieve it .

SDF,Media Center


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