A glimpse of Hol camp in Hasakah

In the midst of the crisis that our country has suffered and the spread of terrorism and its armed factions, many people have been forced to leave their homes and areas in hot areas or as a result of forced displacement to resort to camps set up by self-management to protect them and provide their needs .

There have numerous camps in the north of Syria, including Al- Hol camp east of Hasaka, which includes about 17,000 displaced people, divided between Iraqi refugees and Syrian refugees from Deir al-Zour  and its regions, and distributed to five residential sectors within the camp.

Solava Sheikho, the joint president of AL-Hol camp, told us: “We are working with all our efforts to provide all the needs of those present in the camp and to give them a sense of no difference in their housing in the camp.

Salva noted that there are many organizations and associations operating in the camp, such as Bir al-Barwa, the Kurdish Red Crescent and nrc-blomont-copa organizations, and that there is a medical point for each sector in the camp that supervises medical cases and turns them into hospitals in Hasakah city , and there are 135 tents for the disabled and humanitarian cases receive intensive care.

The camp is divided into comins , as well as a council of Iraqis and a council of the Syrians. There are also committees for reconciliation and services, a house for the protection of women and a council for women. There are no problems between those present but some simple problems and we work to solve them by mutual consent. There are also schools in the camp under the supervision of nrc – irc – seve children, and during the summer holidays they do many recreational and educational activities..

We suffer from the problem of electricity, which has not yet been available, despite the promises of humanitarian organizations from last year, as well as the means of air conditioning as fans.

In conclusion, she appealed to all local and international organizations to intensify their work and activities in the camp in order to increase the attention and care of refugees.


SDF,Media Center


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