A sandstorm Storming Ain Issa camp

In light of the suffering experienced by the residents of Ain Issa camp from displacement and after their homes and cities because of the wars taking place in their areas against Daesh harassment and displacement.

In addition, winter does not want to leave this summer, the more they think they have settled, the sand storms and heavy rains break them again and adds another suffering to them.

Today, if you enter Ain Issa camp, you will see only shattered tents and scattered objects here and there because of the stormy winds that hit the camp yesterday.

Where Jalal Ayaf, a member of the joint presidency of Ain Issa camp, said that the physical damage exceeded 60% of the damage to tents, food and humanitarian aid because of the storm yesterday.

Ayaf added that the UN refugee agency provided about 100 emergency tents but not enough for affected families in addition to the small size.

Ayaf appealed to all humanitarian and international organizations to provide assistance to the displaced camp and give them tents to protect them free summer and to avoid storms, because the region is desert and is known for the frequent storms in the summer.


SDF,Media center

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