Committee of Culture and Art organizes the third poetry symposium in Mansoura town

Due to the importance of poetry in the preservation of heritage under the slogan “Syria is the cradle of civilizations and the source of cultures” the Committee of Culture and Art in Tabqa  city in coordination with the People’s House in Mansoura, organized the third poetry forum in the Mansoura town .

The poetic forum attended by a number of members of Tabqa Civil Council and a number of tribal sheikhs, poets of Mansoura City and the people of the town.

The Poetic Forum begin with A minute of silence for the souls of shahid.

Sheikh Hamed Al-Faraj, member of the Legislative Council, delivered a speech on behalf of the city’s administration in Tabqa  congratulated this step which is considered a catalyst for reviving the heritage and traditions of the region, especially in the absence of the Euphrates areas for several years due to the conditions that passed through this region.

Then Khalid Al-Mohammad delivered a speech on behalf of people in Mansoura town , where he welcomed the audience “We meet today our poets to revive the heritage of our region, to know the world in our ancient past, to remember pages of our heritage that have almost disappeared from the minds of our sons . We also applaud the efforts of the Culture and Art Committee of Tabqa Civil Council to support this  events that show the originality of the region’s past.

The poets Raad al-Fadhel, Mohammed Juma’a al-Muhammad and Yasir al-Tukan with poet Fatima al-Shami gave verses of the vertical and Nabataean poetry. The poems varied between the virgin spinning and the lament, in addition to the poetry vilify  Turkish occupation.

It is worth mentioning that the Committee of Culture and Art organized the first poetry forum in Mahmudli town and then Al-Garniya and today in Mansoura and the purpose of the meeting is to strengthen the ties of brotherhood of peoples in the region in addition to the assertion that the Euphrates is an integral part.

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