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Continuation of political and intellectual training at Academy of Shahid Bashar Jariba for self-defense

Many young people from Raqqa and Tabqa city joined the duty of self-defense to defend the homeland and protect it from the aggressor terrorists and to provide security and live in dignity for its people.

Where the self-defense fighters in the Academy of Shahid Bashar Jariba in Tabqa counterside continue to receive intellectual, political and ideological lessons in addition to military exercises..

Robar Habib, a member of the Training Committee at the Academy of Shahid Bashar Jariba, told us: “We are currently giving the students educational and intellectual lessons about the democratic nation and the political situation in the Middle East, and we raise the morale of the trainees and answer their questions and explain to them the mysterious things, The duty of self-defense and its role in protecting society, and providing an atmosphere of safety for this society, so that the democratic society can create the appropriate ground for its development and advancement, all of it with the arms of its heroic sons who protect it from internal and external risks and challenges.

Ahmed Yunus, a trainee from the Tabqa city, told us that he and his colleagues at the Academy of Self-Defense were receiving intellectual and political training ,The trainers explained to us many of the ideas and concepts that we did not know, and now we are more powerful and able to defend our homeland thanks to the efforts of our trainers who provided us with military and intellectual expertise together.

It is worth noting that the duration of this session is 45 days, which is the third course that is trained in the Academy of Shahid Bashar Jaribah, which city.

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