Continue to receive the wheat crop operations in silos “Al-Salhabyh””

With start of the wheat harvest season in Raqqa countryside , Raqqa Civil Council opened several centers to receive the wheat crop from the farmers who initiated to supply it to the nearest center in their area.

Al-Salhabyh Village Silos are considered the largest in the western Raqqa countryside, and farmers continue to transfer the wheat crop to these silos.

Engineer Amer Khader, Director of Al-Salhabyh silos, told us about the progress of work, where he confirmed the Committee of Agriculture in the Civil Council opened the silos more than a month ago and began repairs, and secured by mines planted by Daesh ,who also stole the contents of the silos.

Khadr said that Steelyard were repaired in the silos and equipped with new machinery and engines necessary for the work process instead of stolen. The process of receiving the wheat in stages after the weight of wheat first and then take a sample to be analyzed in the laboratory and give the degree and then empty wheat in the silo to store.

Khalaf al-Ali, a farmer from the western Raqqa countryside, told us: I supplied wheat crops to the Al-Salhabyh silos where they provided us with all the necessary facilities to transport wheat and receive the price later.

It should be noted that more than one thousand tons of wheat was received in Al-Salhabyh silos with a storage capacity about 12 thousand tons, and the Committee on Agriculture in Raqqa Council Civil for the price of a kilogram of wheat at 175 SP.


SDF,Media Center


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