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Eid ritual brought joy to the faces of the people in Raqqa again

Life slowly returns to Raqqa city ,and joy of the people of the city is filled with the coming  Eid al-Fitr after the city suffered from oppression of Daesh who was deprived of Eid as they want, and now Raqqa live the joy of Eid in all its meanings and the return of roaming in the markets at night and the joy of children buying Eid clothes and living a luxury, which the Daesh deprives them of it ا.

On a tour of the neighborhoods of Raqqa, we saw how the people shop and buy Eid al-Fitr supplies, which came on the doors, where we met the people Raqqa city and talked to us about the movement of markets in the city.

Mohammed Issa al-Khalil, a resident from Raqqa city , told us: After the liberation of the cities from injustice, Daesh c by the Syrian democratic forces, life and atmosphere returned to normal and the joy of the people ,liberation of  the city from the clutches Daesh who people who deprived the people of the most basic elements of life,after liberation the city, the movement returned after three years of fear and intimidation Daesh to the people of the city .

Al-Khalil hopes security will prevail throughout Syria, that the city will be better in the shadow of Syria’s democratic forces, and that the people displaced by Daesh.

Mohammed al-Ali, a citizen told  us  “The city became much better after it liberated by SDF,”. “The joy become bigger by coming Eid occasion, because Daesh was only allowed to wear black, thanks to Syria’s democratic forces, the colors have returned to our city to bring new life full of humanity, the joy of the people, the stability of the city and the atmosphere of the Eid is much better now..

We also met with Yasser Al-Nasser, one of the owners of the shops in Raqqa. He talked to us about how he works during the Eid Al-Fitr days and the markets movement and safety  that the people of Raqqa are experiencing after Daesh come out and hoped that Al-Raqqa will be better than before thanks to the efforts of its people, Who have brought their city back to life.

SDF, Media Center



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