HomenewsGraduation of aTraining course from Shahid Ahmed Al-Salem Academy in Raqqa

Graduation of aTraining course from Shahid Ahmed Al-Salem Academy in Raqqa



Al-Shahid Academy (Ahmad Al-Salem) in Tel Al-Saman village in Raqqa countryside has launched a new course which includes 57 fighters. This is the fourth course that is being graduated from this academy.

The graduation ceremony began with a minute of silence for the souls of shahid, followed by a military parade by the graduating fighters.

The course in the name of shahid (Adel Muhammad), where lasted 25 days, during which the fighters received intellectual and political lessons and military training on medium and light weapons.

The ceremony  attended by leaders of Syrian Democratic Forces. A number of words delivered on this occasion, including a speech on behalf of SDF, which was delivered by the leader Warshin congratulating the graduates and wishing them success in their new tasks. , And political and military training enriched the experience of the fighters to play their historic role and be worthy  with the blood of the shahid and the values of the people

Warshin added: “By forming these courses consisting of all components in the Syrian north and living on this land, we will be one line and one front to protect this homeland,as we all know, we are now in a difficult phase and are mixed with military and political developments.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, the fighters carried out the military section where they pledged the shahid to walk on their way to achieve freedom and dignity.

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