In the first week, liberation of 12 villages and 15 farms

Our forces ended the first week of the campaign to liberate Al-Dashisha town in Al-Hasaka countryside with field progress on both the eastern and western fighting axis, according to the plan prepared by the operations room to inflict heavy losses on Daesh rows. Our forces were able to advance 9 km in the eastern axis and 13 km in the western axis.

The villages liberated by our forces are Hamidiya, Sufian, Mazar, Al-Khubayra,, Hijla, Shamas, Husayn al-Hijla, Al-Hasu, Oudat, Kulib, Morjan and Um Al-Mahfour, as well as surrounding farms. It should be noted that hundreds of civilians stranded in these villages have been evacuated and removed from areas of clash. These villages were also full of mines and booby traps, dismantled by military engineering units, and our forces found five tunnels that  militarily isolated.

In the battles of the last four days, our forces clashed with the terrorists directly. Heavy battles took place. Heavy and medium weapons were using , The terrorists tried to use the booby traps. Our forces managed to blow up two booby traps before they reached their targets. Our forces also dealt with two remote-controlled motorcycles and detonated them. Coalition aircraft launched 34 air strikes targeting terrorist movements and fortifications and caused direct casualties.

In these four days of fighting, our forces have confirmed the deaths of many terrorists and others in captivity. Our forces have also seized arms and ammunition.

SDF,Media Center


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