Maintenance and renovation of sewage pipes in Shaddadi

After months of severe suffering to AL-Shaddadi people with regard to the spread of sewage in the streets and houses due to sewage damage due to terrorist acts carried out by terrorists on the one hand, and  these sewers are old as they are more than 30 years old, people’ municipality in Shaddadi started a project to renovate main lines and repair what can be repaired.

Abdullah al-Ajal from the services department in people’ municipality said: “We are currently renovating and repairing the main sewer lines. We will renovate about 7 kilometers of these lines. This is one of the most difficult and complex projects. Due to the lack of mechanisms necessary to work as we work in primitive ways as well as the lack of material support to purchase the necessary pipes and other supplies.

The worker Thamer Mohammed confirmed  that working under these few possibilities takes a long time and effort, as they have to dig long distances to find the remnants of the pipes.

Mohamed called on international organizations and bodies concerned to provide the necessary support to solve this intractable problem for months in order to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

 SDF,  Media  Center


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