HomemanshetMustafa Bali: SDF did not Deliver Moroccan women to Daesh

Mustafa Bali: SDF did not Deliver Moroccan women to Daesh

The German TV DW Deutsche Welle has published a report by a Moroccan organizations which accuses SDF ( Syria’s Democratic Forces) of transferring Moroccan women married to Daesh, in exchange for prisoners or money as they claim.

Mustafa Bali, the head of SDF media center, has refuted this claims during a statment to our website, saying :

“SDF did not hand over Moroccan women to ISIS in exchange for anything, and this Moroccan organization’s statement is not true and we demand it to provide evidences or apologies to SDF .

Mustafa Bali also pointed out that there are ISIS Moroccan women in the Syrian north and there are lists of their names and the International Red Cross regularly visits them.

Bali confirmed that The Moroccan government has been informed in various ways by SDF that there are women, children and men of Moroccan nationality in our possession. We have demanded the Morocean govrenemt to receive its citizens, but we have not received any response from the Moroccan government yet.

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