On the global cleanliness day campaign clean the streets of Shaddadi

Under the slogan (hand in hand to clean the streets of Shaddadi), the municipality of the people in Shaddadi organized a clean-up campaign for the streets of the city, on the of World Clean Day

The campaign started from the entrance of the city and specifically in front of Al-Shadadi Park, and included all the streets of the city, and included employees and administrators of institutions, councils and kominates of self-management in addition to some parents volunteers..

Alaa Al Omar, Director of the Municipality’s Executive Office, assured us that the aim of the campaign is to increase the spirit of cooperation and participation between the staff of the administration on the one hand and between the employees and the people on the other hand, not to mention the increase of the beauty of the city and the addition of its own splendor. “We thank the organizers of this campaign.

Mehdi Daghim, head of kominates, of  northern neighborhood, said:”We thank the organizers of this campaign, which will increase our awareness of the importance of cleanliness, and will be a great motivation for the young children who participated in the cleaning. We note that what distinguishes the developed countries is hygiene. We hope to organize more campaigns in all fields.

SDF ,Media Center


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