Opening a dispensary for people in Arishah

The dispensary building was equipped for a short period of time and the self-administration provided all dispensaries with medicines and medical equipment.

Residents of Arishah and neighboring villages came to the dispensary to attend the opening, which was also attended by a delegation of Al-Hasakah doctors and officials of the Democratic Self- Management

The opening began after the reception of all incoming guests to stand a minute of silence on the souls of shahid.

Dr. Faris Hamou delivered a speech on behalf of the Health Directorate in Al-Hasakah in which he thanked all the guests and residents of Arishah. He explained that development after liberation is the most difficult stage and we will contribute and provide everything necessary, and warned that prevention of epidemics and diseases through hygiene is the best treatment..

In the name of the Star Conference, Maryam Al-Ali praised this holy work which serves the people and stressed the participation in all progressive actions in the Syrian north and the path of shahid to development and prosperity.

The joint head of Arishah city  Hamoud Ali said “: My name and the name of all the people of Arishah We thank all those who contributed to this progressive movement, and we thank the democratic self-management to meet the appeal and help the people in all fields, and we pay tribute to our shahid who would otherwise be free and able to stop the builders of a free and democratic nation,” he said.


SDF,Media center


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