Poet Zahra Arden _ between poetry and duty

Culture and art is the spirit of society because it represents everyday life in it. It expresses the civilization of the society and its advancement, so it is called the spirit of lifeا

Poet Zahra Arden The young girl who was passionate about Arab and Kurdish poetry and talked about her poetic career she says

Zahra Arden  official career  vice chair of the executive board of the civil democratic administration of the Tabqa city, while my other career is an author and poet.

I had a lot of posts. My beginnings from childhood, when I had attempts to write poetry, were simple attempts, but Little by little these attempts became writings.

After the formation of the democratic civil administration and the establishment of the Office of Culture and Art, I employed and presented to the Committee of Culture and Art and they were very much credited with my poetic and literary development, and from here the society began to know me as a poet and literary writer.

I participated in several meetings here in the Committee, whether in the Tabqa or outside, and we had a poetry forum in Ain Issa town , I wrote a poem or we can say a song, which is about the  city of steadfastness Afrin, and was my last participation in the opening of the shahid  Foundation families inTabqa , I should have a role in the opening and offer a small part of the poetry to these great heroes without whom we would not live in safety..

I am here in the civil administration going on in my poetic career to promote culture and art on the required basis..

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