Preparing shahid shrine in Tabqa city 

Our shahid Flashlights  illuminate the way for those who walk away from the path, they are alive in our hearts, because they sacrificed their blood and the most precious possessions in order to live in peace and to free us from the terrorist ideology represented by Daesh.

Therefore, the Foundation of the families of shahid to equip the shrine in Tabqa, in memory of the sacrifices they made

Jumaa Al-Hussein, the joint head of shahids’ Families Foundation, told us about this project:

This project comes within the work and projects carried out by foundation families of the shahid , the number of shahid is increasing, and we have 116 shahid have been common in Tabqa, and we are now facilitating the land of the shrine and make it on the required face, and we are processing the wall of the shrine after the identification and laying the foundations of the entire four sides Expand the land of the shrine..

We will also build a military display area, a funeral and a platform. We will also decorate the graves of the shahid  with granite, and we will plant the land of the cemetery in order to show the beauty of the shrine and to honor the shahid who sacrificed for us, The shrine will be ready for such specifications within a year from now.


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