Raqqa Civil Council begins the project of rehabilitating the old bridge in Raqqa city

In the context of the work of  Raqqa Civil Council and its committees, the Council is working to rehabilitate the old Raqqa bridge to facilitate the transportation of people to cross from the southern countryside to Raqqa city and to alleviate the suffering of the transition experienced by the people and merchants. It is for this reason Raqqa Civil Council works to make every effort to rehabilitate the bridge.

Laila Mustafa, the co-chair of Raqqa civil council, said: ” Raqqa civil council is trying hard in accordance with the modest possibilities available to perform the required services and the necessary and important needs of the people in Raqqa city . In view of the size of the needs and requirements and the size of the work much in the city was destroyed and was a pile of rubble and planted of mines left behind Daesh.

She continued to say:”We note many of the work and achievements that have taken place at the city level since the Council moved to its new center in Raqqa city  until recently, but with all this work, there is still much work and still required from Raqqa Civil Council to do much and this work is nothing for Raqqa city and its people, who suffered from injustice, violence, enslavement and tyranny of Daesh.

Mustafa pointed out that we in the Raqqa Civil Council  try within our modest possibilities to work on the rehabilitation of the old  Raqqa bridge and hope that we succeed in this work to do the services required to facilitate the transition between the banks of the river and to alleviate the suffering of the transition suffered by people and merchants and to reduce the costs which cost the people because they travel long distances and go to the bridges we have re-qualified to cross into Raqqa city .

At the end of her speech, she said: “Our aim and motivation is to be at the best of the people’ minds and on a small part of our responsibilities. In this regard, we are working on rehabilitation and reconstruction. We hope that we will succeed in this process and the bridge will be ready as soon as possible.

SDF,Media Center.


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