HomemanshetReport on the liberation campaign of al – Dashaisha

Report on the liberation campaign of al – Dashaisha

The campaign to liberate Dashisha  town on June 3, 2018, started from the western axis of Al-Shadadi and the eastern axis of Alhol . The campaign succeed in liberating the entire town of Dashisha and its villages and farms with an area of 600 km2. The liberation of the Tel Safuk crossing and the convergence of our forces with the Iraqi forces on the border 24/6/2018.

fighters have also liberate hundreds of civilians in these villages. The engineering teams have dismantled many of the mines planted by terrorists to stifle the fighters’ progress. Fighters have found tunnels used by Daesh in the battles.

During the battles and clashes between our fighters and terrorists, with small, medium and heavy weapons in both directions, our  fighters killed 274 terrorists, including 4 princes. and capture 13 others..

The militants also destroyed a Banco, a Dushka car, two car bombs , a car carrying ammunition and a number of motorcycles, and the destruction of eight headquarters where terrorist supporters were holed up.

Our fighters also caused heavy losses in the ranks terrorist includes weapons, with six mortars and two Obis guns destroyed and two trenches used by terrorists in the fighting.

Our fighters seized weapons and ammunition used by terrorists:

13 RPG7 weapons, And the number of SPG9 shells, Dushka 23, Dushka 12.5 , 3 cannons , car bombs, a large tank, 3 radios / hydra / Hummer vehicles and a large quantity of miscellaneous munitions, plus 6 mobile devices. Dedicated to the pumps and two tanks, one of which is booby-trapped

During the fighting that broke out between our fighters and  Daesh , 3 of our fighters were martyred and 20 wounded.

The General Command of the Operations Room of Asefat al-Jazzera

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