HomenewsSDF at Raqqa city searching of infiltrating cells

SDF at Raqqa city searching of infiltrating cells

SDF on Sunday deployed their units intensively inside and outside Raqqa city in coordination with the internal security forces in the city for security reasons after reports of infiltration of a terrorist group into the city.

Where a group of terrorists urged infiltration into the city to move their sleeping cells within the city after these cells carried out previous operations, including the bombing of cars and intimidation of civilians and targeting a number of military vehicles, killing four fighters in the last treacherous operation.

A commander of Syrian Democratic Forces confirmed that the combing operation continues inside the city and in the surrounding countryside. As a result of this process, some terrorists have been arrested and some of them have been directly linked to mercenaries of Dura al –furat and Turkish intelligence.

The leader added: We assure our people in Raqqa that this process is to preserve their security and safety in the first and last degree and will continue until the arrest of all the infiltrator group.

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