Services of the medical point in Arishah camp

Al-Shadadi – When the self-administration decided to set up Arishah camp due to the large number of displaced people in that region, it did not neglect to provide the requirements of life in this camp. The most important of these requirements was the provision of health care to these people, especially that they suffered the scourge by Daesh.

The director of the medical point, Amsha Ibrahim, confirmed that this point is the only one in the camp. It includes a number of specialized doctors and a large number of paramedics and nurses. There is also a pharmacy with all kinds of medicines, a women’s clinic where deliveries are carried out, and 3 ambulances.

Amsha Ibrahim completed: The point of diagnosis and treatment of diseases and the provision of medication appropriate to them, and there was a team specialized treatment Leishmaniasis, but it is currently stopped because of the lack of necessary medicines.

It is noteworthy that the medical point was established in cooperation with the Kurdish Red Crescent and a number of international organizations that are interested in the field of human rights.

SDF,Media Center


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