HomemanshetStatement to the public opinion

Statement to the public opinion


To our people, and the public opinion

According to the statement of the Internal Security Forces in Raqqa

We are the presidential body in the Raqqa civil Council,we inform our people  in Raqqa city of that there is a presence of terrorist groups infiltrating to  Raqqa city from the cells and supporters of Daesh , and intends to carry out terrorist attacks that undermine the security situation and threat the property and safety of civilians in Raqqa city, and its neighborhoods. Thus threatening the security and peace of citizens in Raqqa.

These groups are linked to external agendas and have their own projects that threat the security and safety of citizens and ,do not represent them.

Therefore, based on the requirements of the security and safety of the people in Raqqa city, the security services are tracking and prosecuting these terrorist cells and the confiscation of their weapons. Elements of the Internal Security ,Forces and units of the Syrian Democratic Forces deployed at the entrances and exits of the city and in its neighborhoods to maintain the safety of citizens.

Raqqa civil Council calls on the brothers to abide by the content of the curfew and to assist their brothers in the Internal Security ,Forces in their mission until the end of the emergency security situation.

And that we in Raqqa Civil Council do our duty and work with all our committees and employees and we are at the head of our work.

And we stand next to our people in Raqqa city until the return of security and stability of the city.

From 5 am on Sunday 24_6_2018 to 5:00 on Tuesday 28_6_2018.

The Presidential Body of  Raqqa  Civil Council



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