Tal Abyad Street Pulsing Life Again

Raqqa has been liberated for nearly seven months and all this time, local councils, municipalities, reconstruction committees and all those who work in Raqqa are working hard to clean the roads and repair and rehabilitate the infrastructure and what they did and what brought the Raqqa to it is a wonderful work. What is now is a Tal Abyad street and after the liberation and to the first months of the New Year there was no foothold in the street because of the rubble and destruction, but thanks to the councils, local councils, municipalities, civil society and working organizations, the life returned to this street as close as it was before the events.

Bashar Derczli, one of the sons of Raqqa and the owner of a women’s perfume shop and accessories in a street, tells us during a tour of the street

“We did not expect anyone to get to where we are today. The Raqqa was almost destroyed, especially the Tal Abyad street ,rubble and the destruction that filled the place, but now when I enter the street, , I can not believe that there was a fierce war here with the most dangerous terrorist organization.

Drezkly said: It did not spend a few months to  opening my shop only ,I do not believe that I opened my shop again .In the period of Daesh was forbidden under the pretext of heresies and that it is haraam, but now the work is going to the fullest and our trade is profitable for us and the movement of the people is not usual market movement is not believable all this in a short time.

Hassan Abdul Qadir, the owner of the men’s clothing shop on Tal Abyad Street, told us: This street was a heap of rubble, but thanks to the work of the Civil Council and its committees and the working organizations they achieved something almost impossible. This work and what has been accomplished requires tremendous support and funding. The local government was able to do all this and all this with their few available resources.

Abdul Qadir added: “We have to be honest what the Council did. It can not be denied. My house was destroyed, but the mechanisms of the Council and the municipality came at my request, so I removed the rubble and the destruction and cleaned it in front of my shop and now I open my shop again.

Fatima Daham al-Awadi, who was shopping in the market, told us: Look around the street full of people and normal life, before in this street we could not walk or get stuck because of the patrols of the Hesba affiliated of Daesh, no one could open the shop for fear of them but now after I feel as if in another country I have freedom of expression and I have the freedom to shop and go out. I can criticize if I see the wrong thing. I think SDFproject, if it continues like this, will prevail over Syria.ا.

Abdul Salam al-Mulhim, the owner of the textile shop on Tel Abyad Street said: “during Daesh calling, I was shut down for fear of Daesh, because it was haraam to sell a cloth man, but now that the street has been completely cleaned up, the vast majority of shop owners have reopened their shops. Thanks to our local councils and SDF”.

Al-Mulhim continued “What we hear in the last period of rumors and what is being promoted by those who do not want to do good for us, such as the Baathist dictatorship and the terrorist regime of Erdogan, are trying to sow strife between us by spreading rumors because SDF want good, peace and democracy for all peoples” .

SDF,Media Center .


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