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The colors Of Raqqa return to normal after removing the blackness from it

After the departure  Daesh  from Raqqa city , today the city and take off her black dress, which was worn by the city, after the owners of clothing shops were prevented from selling colored clothes and many types of them, where the black color, which deprived the children of their innocent childhood and returned them to the era of backwardness and the purpose of this is to consolidate his terrorist ideas and prevent them from exercising their simplest and least rights.

Today, thanks to SDF that liberated the city, the original people of Raqqa city  return to open the clothing stores that closed by Daesh  ,most types of supply and sale are banned.

Where the owners of shops assured us and expressed to us their optimism in work and selling and wished to become their city better than before.

Where we talked to one of the owners of clothing shops ,Emad Al-Hammadi said: The movement of the markets of Raqqa city excellent, especially clothing shops, where we notice today a big difference from the past, and the people today to buy clothes after  Daesh  banned women from wearing colored dress, and forced them to wear black, we hope that the people of al-Raqqa will return and note the difference between ISIS and SDF, whose goal is to protect the citizens and ensure their safety and coexistence.

Yahya al-Jadduh, one of the clothing merchants in Raqqa, told us that Raqqa is the best despite the destruction, and the people of the city are working hard to build their houses destroyed by the war.

In his speech, Jadoua said that they are doing their work normally and that there are no problems. The people are optimistic about liberating their city completely from terrorism. They are very hopeful that in the coming days, Raqqa will become new with its people.


SDF ,Media Center


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