The Culture and Art Committee rehabilitates the theater at the Cultural Center in Tabqa

Culture is the spirit of life in society because it has an impact on community and daily life. It affects the hearts of men, women, young and old Accordingly, the Culture and Art Committee rehabilitated the theater of the cultural center in Tabqa city.

Muthanna Abdul Karim, the joint chairman of the Culture and Art Committee, talked about the mechanism of action at the theater he said:

This theater is a succor theater we rehabilitated it again, because the old theater is out of service and is not suitable for theatrical work, and was equipped to suit all events, whether artistic or popular or theater performances.

The Cultural Center has prepared a number of centers, including the cultural center in Tabqa  city, and the processing of the theater and exhibition hall and works of art, whether drawings or sculptures, and was qualified by the Directorate of construction for a record period did not exceed five months, and will be opened soon.

We announce  courses for children and adults in theater, music, painting and folklore, and children will be trained by specialists.

We call on all parents to send their children to the center to return to the practice of sound cultural life, so that the child returns to his real childhood after the psychological pressure he saw during the days of the control of Daesh.

I invite the Bureau of Culture and Art to all intellectuals, artists, poets and all those who have the desire to develop cultural talents. The Center opens its arms to them to return to life.


SDF,Media center


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