The curfew and emergency in Raqqa are aimed at the den of terrorism

In recent times, terrorist operations aimed at stability within Raqqa city coincided with the Turkish threats, And the exit of some of traitors supported by the Syrian regime to the streets of the city, calling for the return of the security system of the Syrian regime to Raqqa, , Creating situation of suspicion and turbulence within the city.

The terrorist attacks targeted civilians on more than one occasion and claimed the lives of many civilians, Daesh of which stands behind the terrorist.

These terrorist attacks coincide with the double threats of Turkey and the Syrian regime against the cities and areas liberated by our forces and handed over to their people to run them in local councils that are popularly accepted by the general public. Turkey does not like to lead the Syrian people themselves and their democratic administrations.

Therefore, the internal security forces at Raqqa city and in coordination with the leadership of the Syrian Democratic Forces decided to carry out a joint operation aimed at the terror sites and groups that aim to destabilize the security and stability inside the city.

Where units of our forces in cooperation with the Internal Security Forces in Raqqa announced the curfew since Saturday night June 23, 2018 and began a raid on the terrorists’ wards, which have passed security information around it starting at 2 am this morning, June 24, 2018 and the process continues Until the completion of raids and searches

The security operation is limited in time and place, and our forces have so far managed to arrest many terrorists, confiscate large amounts of weapons and ammunition, and obtain a lot of documents that confirm the responsibility of many parties for the bombings and terrorist attacks that targeted Raqqa city the past period.

Mustafa Bali Director of Media Center of the Syrian Democratic Forces

24 June 2018


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