The Democratic Student Movement in Hasakh is preparing for camping activities

Self-management continues with its constructive approach and democratic thinking by supporting and developing projects and activities that contribute to shaping the country’s features with cultural features and increasing people’s thinking and skills. Similarly, the democratic student movement in Hasaka continues its activities with the support of youth and the development of their energies and innovations. And delegating them in the right way to benefit the entire community.

Nairouz Hassan, the joint head of the student movement at shahid Hawker Center, told us: “The young class is the most important group that should be supported and focused because it is the group that will lead the people in the future. , Whenever he grew up in a healthy environment and was directed properly, we will be a state of Promotion and development.

She also pointed out that they have carried out many youth activities such as opening singing, music, language, driving, sports and other courses.ا.

Hassan added that as a new step in the region on the seventh of this month we will be camping in archaeological sites in the village and the site of the archaeological site of Mozan, and will be about a week, and as a first installment will participate about 20 young people, and will be educational and recreational at the same time, The youth will receive lessons on the effects and their importance and how to explore and protect the effects from damage in addition to concerts, entertainment and TV.

 In coordination with the Directorate of Antiquities, the youth will be divided into three groups of archaeological sites for research work and research workshops on the archaeological site, after which a honoring ceremony will be held for the winning team.


SDF,Media Center


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