The Directorate of Education in Hasaka

After the long years of war and the fight against science and education by the terrorist factions and authoritarian regimes, the self-administration worked hard to combat ignorance and underdevelopment by spreading the flag and supporting it. The Directorate of Education works to prepare the cadres of teachers and equip them to the fullest extent through courses and competitions covering all literary and scientific fields to spread development And civilization.

Bassel Al-Daman, member of the Follow-up Committee in Public Administration, told us: Currently, we are preparing competitions to assess the level of students enrolled in all fields. After completing the test, the successful candidates are sent to the institutes to undergo intensive courses on correct curricula and teaching methods.

After finishing the course, the teachers are sorted according to needs. At present we are focusing on rural areas because of the absence of education for many years. We are working to solve this problem as soon as possible.

Al-Daman stressed at the end of his speech the necessity of cooperation of all levels of society to spread science and civilization and eliminate ignorance and backwardness, which was the main cause of the problems that have passed through our country.

SDF,Media center


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