The funeral of Shahid Salman Mohammed in Al-Daoudiya Graveyard

The people of Hasakah and the surrounding villages buried  the body of shahid  Salman Mohammed in the graveyard of Al-Daoudiya, who died during his participation in the campaign of Asefat AL-Jazeera.

The ceremony began with a minute of silence on the souls of the martyrs followed by a military parade presented by SDF and the forces of self-defense. The ceremony included a number of words, including the words of Mohammed Dawei on behalf of the shahid families, He mentioned their preference for liberating the region from terrorism and reactionary authoritarian regimes .

In the name of SDF, Broussak Hasakah gave a homage to the shahid and assured their families that our forces would follow the march on the path of the shahid until victory. The Council of shahid’ Families handed over the certificate of martyrdom to the family of the shahid Salman, then his body buried in the midst of revolutionary acclaims and slogans that glorify shahid.

  SDF.Media Center


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