The mine engineering team of the internal security forces, hope of Raqqa

The Mines Engineering Team of the Internal Security Forces in Raqqa dismantled a group of mines that had been identified by Raqqa Civil Council and received a complaint from the residents. The mine engineering team was in the process of dismantling it. Where Daesh planted at the roundabout Dallah and Kurdish neighborhood where the team dismantled it and then detonated it in a remote location.

During the dismantling of mines in the Kurdish neighborhood, the mine clearance specialist Abdullah Faraj al-Issa told us: “Daesh  is using everything and confiscating everything, and now we are dismantling the mines it planted in the neighborhood and in civilian houses.

“Al-Issa said as he dismantled the mines. “Our work is very dangerous, but when we chose this work we knew and understood the possibility that we might die or cut off our limbs,many of our comrades have been martyred, some of them have been amputated, but our goal is to ensure security and peace for civilians. If we do not do it then.

After they collected the mines, the bomb specialist, Mathib Abdullah al-Khalaf, also confirmed to us: “Now we will prepare the mines that we have removed and then blow them up in a remote area in an equestrian area in an agricultural land that has been carefully chosen to be a mine- Far from civilians in the interest of their security and safety.

“After a while, we will detonate the mines that we have now dismantled, about seven hand grenades, and three or two of them should be detonated immediately. The rest will be detonated later after they are all collected in private warehouses.

He confirmed at the end of his speech after they detonated the mine “We have chosen this work to prove to our people that our city is safe and good to be able to return to it. There are many who have returned and we have to work more quickly. The main reason is that every day we saw a civilian or a military man dying from the.

so we volunteered and chose this work in order to keep the security and peace of our people and forces.ا.It is worth mentioning that the residents filed requests to Raqqa Civil Council, which in turn determine the location and the team of mine engineering dismantled and detonated away.

SDF,Media Center


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